Labyrinth-type game of the format you choose:

"Recover the mice"

A mouse or two escaped in the laboratory. It carries a disease you want to avoid. Fortunately, you can direct it (or them) toward the cage without touching, with the tiles that lift.

Enter the floor surface. Depth of tiles and width of tiles.

The minimum is five by five and the maximum surface is 200 tiles.
Some browsers may have a smaller capacity and congeal. In this case, enter a smaller format and email me, please.
This game was tested on Netscape 4, Explorer 5 and 6, Opera 6, 9 and 10, Mozilla 1 and Netscape 7.

Note: This game use the Javascript language.

Thanks to visit.
Please email me if bugs or defects appear on your browser/platform
or if you have suggestions. Taken ideas will be credited.

Credits: Lee and Judith (reinitialize).

Source codes by SL at

Copyright © 2004 Serge Lamarche

Golden, British Columbia, Canada.

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